Some ladies desire for pricey bags and also ruby necklaces, however I dream of a clean house as well as windows that aren’t covered with dirt from pet paws and gunk. My dogs paw at the home windows when they desire in and also after a long muddy spring, the windows aren’t rather.

My fixation with tidy home windows came a couple of years ago when we relocated right into our house. I saw that next-door neighbors had home window cleaners involving tidy every May. Considering that I understood the home window cleaners wouldn’t be appearing at our house I got to work cleansing with some Windex as well as paper towels.

Regrettably, the dirt as well as gunk were so hefty on the home window that it simply smeared it around. I didn’t wish to pay a lot of money for a cleansing kit as well as I quickly recognized that I

You will require Dawn soap, vinegar, water, a wipe or method to scrub the window. I have a Libman mop that I enjoy. If you do not wish to utilize your wipe you can obtain an excellent tool off  I use 8 mugs of hot water, 1 mug vinegar, as well as 2 tsps Dawn soap. Add them all to a bucket as well as utilize the mop to blend it up. If you have a great deal of windows to do you might wish to mix up a double set.

Start by splashing down the home windows with water. I only spray down a couple at a time to see to it they do not dry also quick.


After that I use the mop with the soap blend to scrub down the home window.


You can also utilize the wipe to cleanse the trim of your window while you are washing them. Since my windows are white they get really dirty looking. Simply spraying them and rubbing with a mop assists obtain them cleaner looking.

When I am done scrubbing I rinse them off once more with the hose pipe.


It’s finest to do the home windows when it isn’t overly warm as well as bright out so the soap does not dry also promptly on them. I such as to utilize a squeegee on them to get several of the excess water off. You can normally grab a squeegee for under $10 at the store or has some beginning around $5 right here.


I like this method of cleansing my windows. It does not take much time and they are so much cleaner that if I just utilized Windex as well as paper towels. Plus, if you have an expansion pole you can do your 2nd tale windows as well. Say goodbye to desiring you had clean home windows, you now know exactly how to tidy windows like a pro.