How To Wash Walls in 5 Easy Steps

Why Wash Walls
Wall surfaces get dirty just like ceilings do. Dust and dust float via the air and also stick where they land. Walls can additionally attract even more dirt in kitchen area areas where cooking is done with oil and also the oil more readily attracts dirt as well as dust.
You can also utilize any kind of towels you have offered, consisting of routine microfiber towels. I have a set that was acquired in bulk from that I make use of for everyday cleaning and also they work well however you might require to scrub a little more difficult to get off any immune stains that might get on the walls.

Graphic stating How-To Wash Walls in 5 Easy Steps with buckets, vinegar, and dry mop

2 Containers– I like to make use of durable pails since I have actually discovered that the less costly, light-weight plastic ones can break, split, as well as leak causing a big mess so this is among those situations where I suggest spending a couple of even more bucks to avoid a mess as well as added hassle.

If you have limited area, an additional excellent alternative is a double jug.

Location the rinsing (plain) water on one side, and also the cleansing service (vinegar and also water) beyond however be sure to develop a system so you recognize which side is which such as noting the rim of the simple waterside with a Sharpie pen that says “water” or something similar.

Vinegar– any kind will certainly do as well as most of the moment I use the normal vinegar you can acquire almost anywhere, but I have actually tried Cleaning up Vinegar and it does seem to do a somewhat better work. You can see it utilized in this article with numerous more cleaning ideas.

High walls shown being dusted with swiffer type dry mop before washing walls

Swiffer or a Microfiber Dry Mop

What Type of Wall surfaces Do You Have?
My walls are drywall with washable paint as well as this approach has always worked wonderful for my needs.

This is essential: Prior to utilizing these ideas check the approach on a tiny area that is out of view (possibly in a wardrobe?) simply in situation. You do not desire your paint to not hold up to this process but I have actually never had a trouble on Any One Of my walls including my chalkboard wall surface.

Graphic mentioning How-To Laundry Walls in 5 Easy Steps with containers, vinegar, and completely dry mop
Currently, to the core!
Exactly How to Laundry Walls in 5 Easy Steps
Tip One
Initially, eliminate art work as well as various other things from your wall. Ideally, remove nails so you start with a smooth surface area.

Close up of dust on Scotch-Brite dish cloth after wiping down walls

Step Two– How To Dust Wall surfaces
Make use of a long-handled brush of Swiffer-type tool to clean up the area.

Eliminate cobwebs as well as dust rabbits meticulously without pushing them against the wall surface. If you do, it will leave a spot.

High walls shown being dusted with swiffer type completely dry mop before washing walls

What To Do If You Have High Ceilings
If you will certainly be cleaning locations that you can not conveniently reach, attach the towel, smooth side out, to any Swiffer-type flooring cleaner. Begin at the top of the wall functioning your method from top to bottom.
Close of dust on Scotch-Brite meal towel after cleaning down wallsStop frequently to shake out your cloth You will certainly be surprised at how much dirt has actually been ordered which’s an additional factor to use a fabric that functions well.

When you have actually completely wiped the dirt and dirt rabbits from the wall, wash out your towel with fresh, clean water.

Dust baseboards with cloth

Dust baseboards with towel.

Don’t Miss This Step
Dirt baseboards utilizing the smooth side of the cloth or a microfiber rag. This step is essential because you don’t want any type of dust build up from the walls to get into your water or on your rag as well as mistake.

I made use of the exact same dustcloths for this whole process yet you can switch over out to fresh ones if you favor.

Vinegar and also Water service for washing walls – two-bucket method
Cleansing Option Dish
Mix your cleaning option in a container: 1/4 cup white vinegar to one quart (32 ounces) of warm water.

* Constantly examine your homemade cleaning option on a tiny and inconspicuous area first before making use of.

You’re mosting likely to wish to make use of 2 buckets; one with the cleansing service and also an additional with tidy, fresh water for washing.

Vinegar and Water solution for washing walls - two-bucket method